You can assign GL Codes in your Profit Rhino account if you are using Profit Rhino with Service Titan.  This will allow you to link up your Profit Rhino content in Service Titan to your Quickbooks account.  

There are two different places in Profit Rhino that you can populate this "Account" field with your GL Codes.  You can do it right on an individual task.  This would be done in the Task Management screen.  As seen below:

As seen above, you would just click on the Accounting Tab in the Task Management screen.  This will give you the ability to adjust the Account field.  That is where you would want to enter your GL Code that pertains to this Task.  As mentioned before, this would only populate the GL Code for this task.  

If you wanted to load a GL code on a whole group of Tasks that would be done under the Category Edit screen, an image of this can be seen below:

As seen above, in order to change the GL Code on a whole group of information you would click on the "Edit" option of the Category that you wanted to change.  Then on the right hand side you can assign your GL Code to the "Account" field.  That will make this change take place throughout that entire Category, so will waterfall down to the Sub Categories and Tasks within that Category.

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