When using the Profit Rhino mobile application, you'll need to have a book created. These created books allow you to access all of your business types, categories, subcategories, and tasks while you're out in the field. This article will teach you the process for creating new books and retrieving old ones.

The first thing you'll need to do is log into the web platform of Profit Rhino. Upon doing so, as long as you're in the manage book section, your screen should look something like this:

From the Manage Book section you can quickly click the "Create Book" button.

In this section of the web platform of Profit Rhino, you'll see a list of already created books. If you're so inclined, you can actually choose to download PDF versions of these books for printing. This is what we're referring to when we say "Retrieve Book".

To create a new book, click the "Create New Book" button. Upon doing so, you'll see this pop-up window on your screen:

                           CREATING AND RETRIEVING BOOKS (PART 3)

In this little pop-up, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Name your book.

  2. Give your book a description

  3. Choose which business types will be included in this book.

  4. Choose what kind of book you're creating (whether it's one for the mobile application, or one for auditing purposes).

After doing so, wait about 10-15 minutes and your new book should be created. If you go to the mobile application, after waiting the proper amount of time, it'll look like this in your manage book section.

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