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This is an overview of Step 3 in the FRSP Program for Mobile Customers. We review how to manage customers and work orders in the web.

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The Back Office Meeting is Step 3 in the Flat Rate Success Program for any of our customers using our mobile app. The first 2 meetings, the Success Meeting and the Admin Training, put a focus on content customization and getting your price book organized and priced properly for your company. In the Back Office Meeting, we introduce how to use Profit Rhino to manage your customers and work orders in the office.

Our first focus for this meeting is Customers. We'll take a look at your current customer list and determine what reformatting needs to be done in order to import your customers into your Profit Rhino account. To make this easy, please either bring your customer list to the meeting or email it to your customer success rep ahead of time. Please note: the customer list needs to be in excel format.

After looking at your customer list, we'll show you how to edit current customer information, add another service address for a customer, merge customers and create new customers.

From there, we'll introduce you to the work order grid; a tool that you can use to search and filter your work orders. From the work order grid, you can also email PDF copies of your option boards, work orders and option board cover sheets. You can also see which work orders did and did not have options presented and what the options were, which makes for a great coaching tool for your technicians.

Steps you can take to better prepare for the back office meeting:

  • Send your customer list (in excel) to your customer success rep ahead of time.

  • Spend time navigating the customer and work order sections and come prepared with any questions.

  • Read through the few articles and watch the video below.

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