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An overview of the second step of the Flat Rate Success Program.

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The Admin Training meeting is the second step in the Flat Rate Success Program for both customers that will be exporting our data to their current Field Service Software and ones that will be using the Profit Rhino Mobile App. We will cover how to customize and create items in your price book.

The main goal of the admin training is to teach you how to create, customize and edit everything from tasks to parts. Our goal is to have you leave this meeting with a firm grasp on how to make changes to your price book on your own. If you have some specific changes you would like to know how to make to your price book, bring them to the attention of your CSA and they will be happy to cover those in more depth with you. Additionally if you have anyone else within your company that will be helping customize and keep your book up to date, please have them join you at this meeting, as this meeting will be incredibly beneficial to them.

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For The Admin Training:

  • Come prepared with specific questions on items you would like to cover or questions that you have gathered from your overview of the book after the Success Meeting

  • Make sure everyone involved with updating your book is present at the meeting

  • Pick a task that is not in the book that you can create together with your CSA

  • Read through some articles on our support site

Continue Your Admin Training Prep Here.

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