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This is an overview of the Tech Manager Training, this is the 4th step of the Flat Rate Success Program for our mobile app users.

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The tech manager training is the fourth step in the Flat Rate Success Program and will take place after your Back Office Meeting. This meeting will consist of configuring the settings within your tablet. The workflow that you will have between Profit Rhino and any other software you may be using in conjunction. We will also cover option boards on the web end.

The main goal of the Tech Manager Training is to understand your workflow with our mobile app. From dispatching to payment processing to invoicing. We also will be making sure everything is being presented the way you would like on the app. We will cover the different pricing columns and descriptions that will be presented. Also help customize the layout of your option board and work order PDFs. Lastly we will also go over how to edit and create option boards on the web. These options will be your master list and all managed from the web by an administrator. 

Steps You Can Take To Better Prepare For The Tech Manager Training:

  • Have a plan on how you will be using Profit Rhino with any other field service software you may be using

  • If you have been unable to upload your logo please send it as an attachment to your CSA before the meeting and they will upload it for you

  • Come prepared with an option board you and your CSA can create together

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